Our Story

antioch community churches in Quincy history

A vision is birthed

In 2018 God called Danny and Lisa Pierce back to the United States from their time serving overseas.  God gradually placed a dream in their hearts to plant a church in the South Shore.  Several families and young adults from Antioch Community Church Brighton (our sending church), felt God nudging them to be a part of seeing this happen.  They dreamed about what it would be like to bring what they were experiencing in Brighton to Quincy - a church that experiences God’s transformation by loving God, sharing life, and proclaiming Jesus.  That dream has recently become a reality in September of 2020.  Over 50 people now worship with Antioch Quincy through Sunday morning worship services, mid-week LifeGroups, connection and prayer, and more.  However, Antioch Quincy’s story ultimately began long before this, in 1987, when a new movement was being birthed.

A Movement Is Born

In 1987, in Waco, TX, Jimmy and Laura Seibert, along with Mark and Susan Buckner, began asking God to “dream His dreams through them.”  As God did this, they began dreaming about what life could be like if the local church had a vision that was both local and global.  What ensued was a 9-month discipleship-training program that trained and then sent short-term teams around the world, who then saw sparks of revival ignited everywhere they went. Churches were established overseas as the discipleship training school, as well as the college ministry in Waco, continued to experience revival.


Boston Inspires A Team

By the early 1990’s, Antioch Ministries International (AMI) was established as an international missions organization based on the church in Antioch in Acts 11 and 13.  By 1995, AMI had started churches in Russia, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan, but none in the United States.  Around this time, Sean and Laura Richmond felt called to plant a church in the U.S., in Boston, MA.  With its rich diversity and a uniquely large percentage of college students and young adults, Boston proved to be just the right location for AMI to send its first domestic church plant.


Our Parent Church Begins

Sean and Laura Richmond, their family, and a team of five others moved to the Boston area in 1998 to be a diverse people, full of faith in God, compassionately reaching the world around them.  They not only wanted to plant a church, but to establish an entire church-planting movement, Antioch New England (ANE).  That early vision is now a reality. ANE currently has missionaries in several countries around the world.

There are now churches (listed in order of start date) in Brighton, MA, Beverly, MA, Waltham, MA, Phoenix, AZ, Roxbury, MA (a “house church” movement), and Quincy, MA.


The Movement Continues to Expand Globally

Our local church movement of Antioch New England has sent teams and individuals to international locations to serve people groups and fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20).  These people are serving in locations that include North Africa, Asia, and India.